Murmuration Map

Ever wondered why starlings murmurate? Can understanding this help stop their decline?Starlings often form large groups and undertake spectacular aerial displays known as murmurations. Little is known about why this occurs. We are asking the public to help us find out more. The University of Gloucestershire and the Society of Biology aim to address the murmuration mystery using potentially a very large dataset, provided by people across the UK over the course of the next starling season.

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In 2014/15, 1,644 murmurations were recorded. To find your local murmuration have a look at our 2014/15 map

Click here to view the 2014/15 Starling Murmuration Map

So far in 2015/16, 1,244 murmurations have been recorded. Some of the 2014/15 hotspots can been seen again in the 2015/16 map (see below), but plenty of locations have been recorded for the first time, including some as far afield as Tasmania, Argentina, and Canada, as well as a lot throughout Europe and in the USA.”

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Last updated 24th February 2016


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