Congratulations to our class of 2014!

It was super to see so many of our recent graduates from BSc Animal Biology and BSc Biology at the University of Gloucestershire graduation ceremony today.

Graduation really is the high point of our year. It is an extremely proud moment to see the students that we have taught, supervised, and supported over three years become graduates. We always make a real effort to get to know our students as individuals and it is fantastic be there to celebrate their success and to meet friends and family too.

The class of 2014 has been a very special one that full of individual success stories, often in difficult personal circumstances, and full of real characters who have made teaching both fun and rewarding. A special mention goes to our award winners. Mel Evans and Shantelle Dandy were the top students in Animal Biology and Biology and their achievements are detailed in a previous blog post. Joint Biology/Psychology student Eva Kaulich achieved the top Psychology prize; an outstanding achievement from Eva who managed to excel in every area of her joint degree from ecology to molecular biology; cognition to neuroscience – no small achievement! Finally, Adam Jackson won the Royal Society of Chemistry prize for the best chemistry-related dissertation based on his work on stream chemistry and its impact on biology and biotic indices. Congratulations to them, and the entire class of 2014.

We wish all our new graduates the very best for the future. Keep in touch, tell us where you go and what you do – join our Linkedin and Facebook groups, and follow us on Twitter. We will miss you!

Please also complete the snappily titled Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey– a reminder will be coming through your door in the not too distant future. It’s our official record of what you are doing 6 months after graduating and is really important to us as a course!


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