Turning recycling into bee-utiful homes for insects

Tuesday’s Induction Week project was an engaging and creative collaboration between our new first year students in Biology, Animal Biology, Ecology & Environmental Science, and Landscape Architecture. Their task: to create ‘bee hotels’ from a pile of household recycling including bits of timber, bamboo canes, plastic bottles and drinking straws. 


Adam Hart’s introduction briefly explored the lack of in-depth knowledge concerning the 225 species of solitary bees living in the UK and the importance of learning more about these vital, but frequently overlooked, pollinators.


There were about 75 students in total and they created inspiring structures, bursting with colour and texture, knots, crude (and sometimes quite refined) carpentry techniques, and decorative finishes.  The hotels have been located in a wide variety of habitats throughout FCH campus landscape and will be monitored over the next year to see what species use them.


 If any Biosciences students would like to expand this project, that might make an excellent project for the NS5001 Internship module.

Anne Goodenough, Reader in Applied Ecology
(Images (c) Jane Fitzgerald White, Landscape Architecture



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