#uniglos students at Malta Science Expo

It’s been hard work here in Malta with me, Mel and Cath taking part in the Malta Science Expo that started on Monday. There was no weekend off for us though, with a busy couple of days judging everything from pop-pop boats to a new cruise control for cars. In total, more than 80 different groups had submitted entries in six different science classes. The science communication started in earnest on Monday though with more than 300 school children descending on the MCAST campus where we are based. Over the course of the week we will be giving more than 40 talks to school children between 6 and 16 on our topics of ants and bees, cephalopods, synthetic biology and de-extinction.

Of course, it’s not all work. After a hard day’s science communicating there’s always room for a local beer or two…

Malta itself is a beautiful place and we have been lucky that the hosts here have taken us to see some of the highlights of the island.

Anne and Matt wouldn’t like it much here mind you – the only birds we’ve seen are sparrows and pigeons!
Adam Hart, Professor of Science Communication


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